Cryptocurrency Accounting Services

Crypto Accounting Services

Blockchain technology has provided a forum for highly secure financial transactions online but these days trading and mining in digital currencies comes with serious recordkeeping responsibilities. To avoid IRS penalties you’ll need a detailed account of gains and losses in order to accurately report your income on your annual tax returns. You must also have the documentation to back up your numbers in case you're ever audited. At W. E. Stevens, P.C., we will take charge of reconciling your cryptocurrency data to keep it clean, organized, and up to date.

Crypto Bookkeeping

As your crypto accountants, we'll coordinate all of your exchanges and transactions from your digital wallet to help manage your portfolio. Whether you've made a couple hundred transactions over the past tax year or several thousand, we can reconcile your exchanges and trades. We work with data from virtually every digital currency trading exchange on the market. Our experts are knowledgeable about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, zCash, Monero, Steem, and many other digital currencies.

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Crypto accounting reconciliations:

  • Accounting and profit tracking
  • Capital gain and loss reports
  • Cryptocurrency reconciliations for crypto loss harvesting/tax efficiency
  • Retrieving data files from your trading exchange
  • Reconciling missing or unreported transactions